SUV –Sports Utility Vehicle
   Commercial Vehicle
   Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles
   Light Duty Commercial Vehicles
   Marine Applications
   Gensets / Generators
   Earthmover Machinery
   Construction Equipment & Machinery
   Textile Machinery
   Pharmaceutical Industries
   Home Appliances Products
   General Engineering Products
   Packing Industries
Engines :
   Automotive CDI, Turbo, NEF, CRDI, CRDE, mHawk, TCI, Diesel, Petrol, CNG and Many more...
   Water Cooled
   Air Cooled
   Small Engines
   Bharat III and IV
PIC is the world-class Supplier of our entire product range to a broad range of Industries. We provide Customers with the maximum value solution to their needs.

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   Aircraft Engine Manufacturer
   Marine Engine Manufacturer

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